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#168 - Inverted Flight

Perhaps I'm just silly but this made me chuckle for quite some time.

It seems to be that time of year again when the flittering, irritating specks of buzzy fly-ness from the heated Summer evenings make way for the flittering, irritating buzziness of the midges and mozzies from the cool Autumnal nights. The things are buzzing through any unwittingly open doorway or window, desperate to escape the cold as soon as the sun goes down.

I'm all for hospitality and generosity to all forms of life etc. but between the flies, the mosquitos and the gargantuan spiders that seem to be taking up residence in any nook, cranny or BEDROOM that is left unattended for five minutes, I am most definately insect'd out. They flap around my food while I'm trying to eat, they BZZZZZ around my ear while I'm trying to sleep, and they hammer repeatedly into the TV while I'm trying to watch Coyote Ugly.

And then the fuckers have the gall to fly into my eye. The one silver lining of this scenario is that it's one less fly to disturb my nice, nature-free existence.

Vic - Saturday 18th October 2014