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Steve Parker

The leading man of most of the Button Press adventures, Steve is an artist/filmmaker/nerd/diabolo enthusiast with a passion for movies, TV and pop culture, and an excess of hair product. He is renound for his eccentric hobbies and melodramatic nature, and is actually a great deal shorter than people think. It is unknown as to whether or not he owns another shirt.


Eric Townsend

Eric is Steve's long-time best-friend. He's the voice of reason, the raiser of eyebrows and the judge of Steve's lunacy, but also his partner in crime, his right hand man and house-mate. Through thick, thin, university and movie-marathons, Eric is the faithful friend who is always there, switching regularly between disapproval, incredulity and sheer amusement... He's also the one who pays the rent.



Postal worker by day, crime-fighting vigilante super-hero by night. Alf stumbled into the social circle of Steve and Eric through the happy accident of student housing, and has been a firm friend ever since. Steve and Eric have taken it upon themselves to introduce him to their world of movies, media and madness, and have no idea that they live with the caped crusader they see every night on the news.



Jess is a little ball of feisty, heart-breaking, doll-torturing attitude, in a neat, pink-shirted package. She has a weakness for artists and regularly leaves Steve handcuffed to a bed post wondering what happened and why he's now naked and alone - it's possible she has some deeper feelings there, but it'd take a lot to get that kind of secret out of her. She's a girl fighting for a job in a man's industry and woe betide you if you get in her way.


Danny Parker

Danny is Steve's big brother. He doesn't set any particularly good examples that Steve should consider following; he's something of a ladies man, though he never calls after, he doesn't have much in the way of a job, and he's not known for his consideration of others. However he does care about his baby-bro, and whether it's to make sure he's ok or to eat his food and sleep on his couch, he does spend a lot of time hanging out with Steve and his friends.