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The Comic  

Button Press is a comic about the adventures and passtimes of media enthusiast/artist Steve and his friends.

The comic originally began as a word-for-word, blow-by-blow accurate account of the odd encounters and conversations that I had with my sometimes-cowriter Olly. The stories have evolved into actual coherent scripts now and I've since realised that there are some things that only WE find funny. Olly still helps write the odd comic here and there, but only when he returns briefly from his adventures in space and time.

Button Press began in November 2007. Since then it has enjoyed numerous technical difficulties, website hopping, missed deadlines and all those other things that really remind me that starting a webcomic was a very foolish thing to do if I enjoy my free time at all.

The comic slowed to a halt in 2012 due to my university activities demanding too much of my time and has now returned after a 2 year gap, sporting a fresh comic format and shiny new website, and the characters, like myself, have graduated and are now just getting on with their new adult lives.


The Artist  

I'm Vic Iddstar Hill, the writer/artist of Button Press comics. I have very little formal training in art, but have always been drawing cartoons and have done a fair bit of design work for professional clients.

I live in sunny England (*COUGH* *COUGH*) and am hopelessly addicted to creating things and starting projects.

In addition to drawing, I also make films and videos - both live action and animation - and enjoy anything to do with films and filmmaking, including VFX, cinematography, editing, writing, prop-making, and even composing music. My long standing flaw has simply been my inability to decide which hobby I like the most... If you're interested in any of my video work, you can go check it out at www.hatdayfilms.com.

I have a blog where I update with my major projects, new pieces, general discussion and all things to do with my creative career. For more info about my work, for a full gallery and to keep up to date with my projects, hop on down to www.iddstar.com.



1. Where does the name 'Button Press' come from?

Nowhere. I was trying to come up with a name for the comic and for some reason those two words appeared in sequence in my head. I decided to roll with it.

2. Which character is based on you?

All the characters are based on elements of me, just as they are based on elements of other people and elements of total fiction. There's no single character in the comic that is supposed to be me.

3. Don't you think Steve's hair is a bit OTT?

No. No I do not.

4. Can I get a T-shirt like the ones the characters wear in the comic?

I've been asked about it a lot and as part of the comic reboot I will be eventually getting round to setting up a T-shirt store online, featuring designs from the comic - These shirts will be sold via a 3rd party, so unfortunately I can make no promises about price.


Guest Comics  

As you may be able to tell from flicking through the comic archive, I often feature guest comics and artwork. If you have any comics or fanart that you want to send my way then I'm happy to receive them.

For this or any other questions you have, feel free to email at: